Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Just imagine being able to construct a patio, pool deck or even a driveway without needing to dig down 12 – 18-inches deep first? EASYClickBase takes the heavy lifting out of your hardscaping projects; helping you to complete them faster, easier and cheaper!

When you don’t have to do all that digging, you not only save time, work and money, but you also don’t have to dispose of all that fill. Less excavation, less haulage & disposal, less equipment rental and less labour add up to HUGE SAVINGS!

Enjoy a variety of benefits when you choose the EASYClickBase system for your hardscaping project:

  • Perfect for jobs big or small; tight or in areas that are difficult to access
  • Reduced cleanup and property damage
  • Get the job completed faster than when using the old way
  • Save labour, haulage, and enjoy greater convenience
  • Incredibly versatile, use EASYClickBase almost anywhere
  • Easy to use, install and transport
  • Better frost and thaw protection than traditional methods
  • EASYClickBase is engineered to last forever
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Excellent load transfer
  • Suitable for vehicular applications, such as driveways
  • Save yourself labour, time, cleanup and best of all, money!
  • Stop DiggingEASYClickBase saves you the work of digging down 12 – 18 inches, removing the material and replacing it with crushed stone. Shave hours or days off your project, and deal with less property destruction too.
  • Impressive load transferEASYClickBase’s interlocking panels distribute loads widely, offering better dynamic load transfer
  • Long-Lasting Solution – Not only will your projects hold up through freeze & thaw cycles but EASYClickBase is also made of tough ABS that will not degrade in the ground.
  • Perfect for projects large & small – Ideal for a variety of large and small projects, you can use EASYClickBase virtually anywhere. Working in a tight spot with no truck access? You can carry EASYClickBase to the job site under your arm!
Driveway Installation
Paver Installation

Suitable for Virtually ANY Application

EASYClickBase Commercial Applications

EASYClickBase Residential Applications

Eco Friendly

EASYClickBase is a sustainable, eco-friendly product. Its tough ABS construction is designed to last forever, eliminating the need to replace it every few years like other products. Transforming the way you construct new hardscapes, EASYClickBase removes the need to replace tonnes of soil with tonnes of aggregate, and you’ll have less waste too. EASYClickBase will not degrade in the ground and is 100% recyclable.

EASYClickBase Takes the Heavy Lifting Out of Your Outdoor Projects!

Greater Convenience, Bigger Savings and Less Work.