EASYClickBase – Less Work and More Savings!

EASYClickBase is a great way to save time, labour and money when you’re building hardscapes. Whether you’re constructing a new patio, a pool deck or even a driveway, EASYClickBase is the smart way to work.

Incredibly strong, surprisingly light and amazingly portable, EASYClickBase is suitable for virtually any application. Easy to install, you’ll complete your projects faster, and enjoy greater versatility.

When you use EASYClickBase, the need to excavate and refill with compacted sub-base material (crushed) stone is eliminated. This saves you time, labour, excavation & disposal, equipment rental, aggregate, transportation and most of all, money! Since property damage is also reduced, you’ll also have an easier cleanup too.

EASYClickBase’s tough ABS construction makes it suitable for driveways and other heavy-duty applications. The inter-locking panels of EASYClickBase distribute dynamic loads over a wide area, supporting the heaviest loads while eliminating any pressure on the ground underneath and reducing the thickness of the sub-base required.

Thanks to its light weight and portability, EASYClickBase is a great solution in tight spots or places that are difficult to access. When truck access is not an option, EASYClickBase can be carried to the job site. Ideal for projects big and small, it is suitable for stairs, hills, narrow walkways & alleys or any tight workspace, to the largest of driveways.

Exceptionally durable, EASYClickBase is constructed of extremely durable engineered material that will not degrade in the ground and is 100% recyclable.

The Benefits of EASYClickBase

  • Durable- Designed to last forever
  • Projects completed faster
  • Lower costs & less inconvenience
  • Reduced chance of paver movement
  • Perfect for areas that are difficult to access
  • Less property destruction during installation
  • Better protection during freeze/thaw cycles
  • EASYClickBase panels are interlocking, offering better load transfer

Learn How to Install EASYClickBase

Make the job even easier with the EASYTileAlign levelling system. A quick & convenient solution to reduce tile lippage; the vertical displacement between two adjacent tiles. EASYTileAlign can help ensure a smooth, even surface is achieved, eliminating trip hazards and other issues.

EASYClickBase Is Suitable For Virtually ANY Application

EASYClickBase Commercial Applications

EASYClickBase Residential Applications

Do Less Work and Save More!

EASYClickBase helps you to work smarter, not harder! Contact Stone Deck Innovations now to learn more about the advantages of choosing EASYClickBase.